Timbers flooring services have been Restoring the natural beauty of your wooden floors since 2002.

We are specialists in wood floor sanding, restoration, renovation, water damage repair and re-finishing services throughout Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex.

Do you have a damaged or tiered looking wooden floor?
Maybe you just pulled up a carpet to discover floor boards you never knew you had?
Timbers Flooring Services specialise in the restoration of all wooden floors, including parquet flooring, engineered flooring, sympathetic. renovation in period homes and modern solid wood flooring too.
Once your boards have been lovingly restored with our specialist dust free machines, you can choose a professional finish of your choice. We offer a wide range of different coloured wood stains as well as oil or lacquer finishes from high sheen to matt.
Over the years we have restored the natural beauty of a huge variety of wooden floors in an even wider variety of settings, from hallways in new builds to grand reception rooms of listed buildings, hotel dance floors to penthouse appartments.
Below are just a handful of before and after pictures from some of our most recent restoration work to give you some inspiration of the natural beauty we can restore to your floor.
Why not get in touch to see what we could do for your wooden floor?
An old, tired, stained wooden floor
After Timbers Flooring Services have worked their magic!
This grand room needed a floor facelift!
Much better!
Before restoration the board were stained and some had been replaced
After restoration, a smooth even finish
Old parquet blocks
After restoration
Parquet hallway before restoration
Parquet hallway after restoration
Community centre during restoration
Community centre after restoration
Two linked floors before restoration
Two linked floors after restoration
School hall before restoration
School hall after restoration
Bedroom before restoration
Bedroom floor after restoration
Water damaged oak kitchen floor
Oak kitchen floor mid restoration
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